Tarakany! — Naked Kings

Tarakany! — Naked Kings

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We\'re so stoked to tell you - we have a brand new EP out right now!
"Naked Kings" - 6-th songs record put out by Funk Turry Funk (Germany) and Say-10 (US).
"Tarakany!" on "Kältehilfe - Charity For The Homeless"
Two great European underground labels SBÄM Records and Funk Turry Funk have announced the release of Kältehilfe — Charity for the Homeless, which will be released tomorrow, December 25th.
Why are we telling you this? Because at «Kältehilfe» there will be an exclusive presentation of the English version of our track «The Naked King» — Naked King!
Compilation, where besides «Tarakany!» ...
"Tarakany!" on "SBÄM couch edition" 30.05.2020
We are glad to announce that tomorrow we’ll be the part of international online festival «SBÄM couch edition».The show starts at 14:00 CEST.We start at 17:25 CEST.See you online!!!Link here
New Song "Zheltaya zvezda"!
"Zheltaya zvezda" ("Yellow Star") is Tarakany\'s new song which they recorded in the spring of 2020 during the COVID-19 self-isolation days.Stream / Download —
The Power of One Tour, pt. 2 / Europe 2019: Germany!
TARAKANY! The Power of One Tour: Europe 2019, pt. 2
In November 2019 Tarakany! will hit the road for the second part of their European tour in support of their first English-language album “The Power of One”, released by A-F Records (USA) and split album with Israelis Useless ID “Among Other Zeroes and Ones”, released in Europe on Shield Recordings.The band will perform both songs in English from these two records, and the main band hits...
Tarakany! / ZSK “Make Racists Afraid Again / Lie for Lie” (Split EP)
Before our shows with ZSK, we would like to present you our split EP —
“Make Racists Afraid Again / Lie for Lie”!
This release includes four tracks:
• ZSK — Make Racists Afraid Again• Tarakany! — Lie for Lie• ZSK feat. Dmitry Spirin (Tarakany!) — Die for Your Government (Anti-Flag cover)• Tarakany! feat. Joshi (ZSK) — Disco in Moscow (The Vibrators cover)
The release is available only on a limited 7” vinyl, ...
Tarakany! — Internet and Warheads (EP 2019)
Tarakany! — Internet and Warheads (EP 2019)
Available now worldwide:
“Internet and Warheads” is a brand new EP consisting of 4 songs. After releasing the Russian versions of these songs in October, Tarakany! is now ready to present them in English, for the whole world to hear. This 4-track EP is the band's first original studio release since “The Power of One” came out on A-F Records in 2018.

“18" is an ode to t...
Tarakany! — Red Alert (Official Music Video)
Directed by Pavel Shumilov
From the EP “Internet and Warheads”:
“Red Alert” is how we feel the current time. “Red Alert” is our fear for the future of the Earth and humanity. “Red Alert” is the hurt and bitterness from the fact that those peace-loving social shifts undertaken by progressive leaders and peoples in the 80s and 90s are almost completely depreciated the...
Tarakany! — “Life is Too Short (To Waste It Like Everyone Else)” / official video premiere!
Tarakany! — Life is Too Short (To Waste It Like Everyone Else) [Official Music Video]
Production by ALL STAR TV
From the EP “Internet and Warheads”:
Stylistically, this song is our yet another attempt at crossing the border of the disco-punk territory. And it is symbolic that its lyrics actually became a denial manifesto for any conventions imposed by dogmas. It is an anthem of accepting yourself and others in the diversity of human manifestatio...
Tarakany! — “18” / lyric video premiere!
Tarakany! — 18 (Lyric Video)
Production by Nikolay Gusev
From the EP “Internet and Warheads”:
In our song “18” we take off our hats to a generation of new Russians – young and fearless. Those who haven't lived a single day of their lives under another government and who consider it necessary to go out into the streets and boldly look into its grinned mouth. Those who languish in prisons on ridiculous falsified charges. At the s...
Tarakany! — “Evil Army Deserter” / official video premiere!
Tarakany! — Evil Army Deserter (Official Music Video)
Production by ALL STAR TV
From the EP “Internet and Warheads”:
You shouldn't perceive the Army of Evil from this song as some real armed group which exists on planet Earth (although if you like, see it that way). This is our allegory and metaphor (we dare say it is) for calling those hordes that unfold their harmonious ranks within each of us. And they do this whenever we, considering ourselv...
Tarakany! feat. Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin) — What I Can Change (Lyric Video)
“What I Can Change” — a song performed by Tarakany! featuring Nikola Sarcevic (Millencolin) from the brand new record “The Power of One” that was released on A-F Records, 2018.
The very first live performance of the song took place a few years ago in 2015 at the biggest Russian rock festival Nashestvie, when anti-militaristic and pacifistic speeches of band's leader Dmitry Spirin led to a huge wave of insulting and blaming the band for the lack of patriotic...
The Power of One Tour / Europe 2019: Germany & Czech Republic!
TARAKANY! The Power of One Tour: Europe 2019
Tarakany!, one of the biggest punk bands in Russia is coming back to Europe for the first time in the last six years.This time the band is on the tour supporting two records that were put out in 2018 worldwide.“The Power of One” — the whole record made in English released on A-F Records (USA) and “Among Other Zeroes and Ones” — split record with well-known Israeli band Useless ID which was released by Shield Record...
Tarakany! on MIGHTY SOUNDS Festival 2019
July 13th: Tarakany! debuts at the MIGHTY SOUNDS Festival in Tabor (Czech Republic)!
The Mighty Sounds Festival is a unique three-day music event, which is annually held in July near the Czech City of Tábor. The festival focuses primarily on punk and punk rock, rock’n’roll, hardcore, reggae, ska, rockabilly, indie rock and other styles of music that are derived from, or closely related to, these styles. One ...