Tarakany! — “Evil Army Deserter” / official video premiere!


Tarakany!  Evil Army Deserter (Official Music Video)

Production by ALL STAR TV

From the EP “Internet and Warheads”


You shouldn't perceive the Army of Evil from this song as some real armed group which exists on planet Earth (although if you like, see it that way). This is our allegory and metaphor (we dare say it is) for calling those hordes that unfold their harmonious ranks within each of us. And they do this whenever we, considering ourselves “good” and “right”, are preparing to repel the attack of the so-called “bad” ones. We rarely notice those moments when we ourselves suddenly cross the imperceptible line and we become “bad” ourselves. So we swing our whole life on this swing: the accused instantly become prosecutors, the victims become even worse rapists than those who raped them, the fugitives become persecutors. Over and over, again and again. And when one of us suddenly turns out to be capable of at least trying to break out of this vicious circle, a new danger immediately lurks around them: not wanting to “seem bad” anymore, this person can completely lose the useful ability to say “no”. It is incredibly difficult sometimes to explain the meaning of a song, especially if you yourself see several different levels in it. But let's just assume that the track “Evil Army Deserter” is our anthem to critical thinking and common sense. To the ability of each one of us to leave our anger and calmly and imperturbably say fuck you to those who we think are worth it.