Tarakany! — “Life is Too Short (To Waste It Like Everyone Else)” / official video premiere!

Tarakany! — Life is Too Short (To Waste It Like Everyone Else) [Official Music Video]

Production by ALL STAR TV

From the EP “Internet and Warheads”: 


Stylistically, this song is our yet another attempt at crossing the border of the disco-punk territory. And it is symbolic that its lyrics actually became a denial manifesto for any conventions imposed by dogmas. It is an anthem of accepting yourself and others in the diversity of human manifestations. Do you personally know those who are unable to overcome the opinions of their families and teachers? Those who throughout their whole lives can't handle the influence of the environment and parties, the inertia of the crowd and the judgments of the majority as well as the minority? If you have the habit of looking in the mirror, then you are most likely to see one of such people every day. How often do you think about something that makes you go with the flow and give up on your own aspirations and dreams? How often do you have the guts to start your small and harmless rebellion? The lyric persona of the song proclaims, “Life is Too Short (To Waste It Like Everyone Else)”. And to be honest, we completely agree. Life is indeed too short to spend it doing something which isn't your thing. That's fake, boys and girls. That ain't true.