Tarakany! — “18” / lyric video premiere!


Tarakany! — 18 (Lyric Video)

Production by Nikolay Gusev

From the EP “Internet and Warheads”


In our song “18” we take off our hats to a generation of new Russians – young and fearless. Those who haven't lived a single day of their lives under another government and who consider it necessary to go out into the streets and boldly look into its grinned mouth. Those who languish in prisons on ridiculous falsified charges. At the same time, we grieve over the times of freedom and about the spirit that lived in this country for several years which happened to be during the youth of the so-called “our” generation of people aged 35-40+. There is a third aspect – bewilderment and regret that recently important human values such as freedom, democracy, transparent elections and a change of power seem to have ceased to be an urgent necessity of the majority.