Tarakany! — Red Alert (Official Music Video)

Directed by Pavel Shumilov

From the EP “Internet and Warheads”: 


“Red Alert” is how we feel the current time. “Red Alert” is our fear for the future of the Earth and humanity. “Red Alert” is the hurt and bitterness from the fact that those peace-loving social shifts undertaken by progressive leaders and peoples in the 80s and 90s are almost completely depreciated these days. “Red Alert” is indignation at the aggressive statements and actions of media propagandists and presidents who seem to be consciously trying to form in our minds a tolerant attitude towards the very idea of a new big war. “Red Alert” is our childhood fears of a nuclear apocalypse which seemed to be gone forever with the end of the Cold War, but which suddenly returned. “Red Alert” is a worm that has settled in our souls and is tossing and turning inside, as if pushing humanity to the bloody ending of its history. “Red Alert” is a statement of fact: each of us is part of this madness, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise. And yet, even though it's naïve, we continue to believe that the mind and goodwill of ordinary people will defeat the dangerous ambitions of those frantic warriors. We hope that you share this faith with us.