Tarakany! — “Lie for Lie” / official video premiere!

Tarakany!“Lie for Lie” / official video premiere!


On "Lie for Lie", the band details the very real problem in Russia of governmental tyranny. Freedoms are being erased, propaganda floods media outlets, and many Russians feel the whole world hates them even though the individual citizens didn't do anything… maybe some of you can relate to this..?


Speaking to Punknews, vocalist Dmitry Spirin said:

“Since the first Putin's term as a president Russian independent and liberal media have been attacked by the goverment, a lot of those were closed - dozens of TV and radio channels, magazines and newspapers. Some of them that stayed had to change the agenda and policy, they couldn't speak freely anymore. Nobody, of course not officialy, was allowed to say a word against current authorities. Since the annexation of Crimea an agressive, trigger-happy propaganda has been started. They tried really hard to build an image of the enemy in media. I believe it's been even worse then in Cold War time. The elder generation of Russia (most active TV -users) are quiet sure now that the whole entire world is up against us and ready to strike! This song "Lie for Lie" is our message and our voice against this war and hatred propaganda that took place in media these years, I would even say that this song describes how easy it is to make people believe that those who were your friends yesterday are your enemies now. And who knows who they will put a target on tomorrow?”


New song taken from our forthcoming album “The Power of One” due out 06.08.18 on A-F Records!

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