Tarakany! signed to A-F Records

Tarakany! are proud to announce their new album “The Power of One”, which will be released via A-F Records!


Chris #2, Anti-Flag:

“When I first heard Tarakany! massive parts of my life’s belief that music can transcend were confirmed. To see this band write songs that I connected with musically and politically, the same way I’ve connected with some of my favorite artists of all time, and have them be from Russia further reiterated that invisible bullshit border law, language barriers, the constructs of nationalism all need to be challenged with every breath we take.

When they asked me to sing on their track "God and Police", I jumped at the opportunity... and then they said sing in Russian. My confidence shrunk, but I knew the power in the statement that they were making.

The Power Of One’s American / English version release comes at a pinnacle time in our global history. Challenge those that charade democracy for corporatism, fight racism, stand up for human and animal rights, and do so regardless of where you come from or the language you speak!”


Pre-order “The Power of One”:

Vinyl | Digital

Release date: June 8, 2018.