"Tarakany!" announce break-up

Dear friends!
It is with heavy hearts that we bring you this sad news. We announce break-up of the band.

Last year, 2021 we were struggling not only the pandemic and all the restrictions it brought us, but also constant pressure from the authorities of Russian Federation - promoters and venue owners regulary got the calls from people in power that would demand to cancel our shows. That is how it worked.
In other words we managed to get in so called black list.
Lots of promoters and venues lost their investments into those shows - ads, flights, production and other non-refundable stuff.
We no longer feel the right to put others under financial and political risks.
We no longer feel the right to give promises to all our fans across the country that we can not keep, even though it is not our fault.
They took from us our right and our privilege to be the band, they took a freedom of self expressing, to play our songs.
February, 24 this year, unbelievable happened. something that we couldn't have even in the worst nightmares - our country has begun the war against Ukraine.
Due to this we don't believe we have a right to continue play shows, even if that would be possible.
We don't want to make our shows 100% fun and entertainment. At the same time it is a criminal law that forbids us to speak freely on stage.
Now what we feel and think is a crime.
We stand against this war! We believe people of a great country of Ukraine are our brothers and sisters.
Since it is not possible for a band like ours to live without concerts, and any creative work is impossible in current situation, we can no longer exist as a band.
In 1991, at the last days of USSR four teenagers from Moscow have started to play music.
Music that was filled with the feeling of freedom. They hated totalitarianism, isolation, vibe of fear, absence of the right to speak freely.
30 years later all of this came back, but apart from that, citizens of Russia are killing innocent people.
And most of the country population either support it or keep silence. Including those who consider themselves our fans.
Having this said, we believe we don't fit here anymore. For the last 30 years we stood against everything that this country has become in the end.
Freedom of speech, human rights, democracy means nothing, seems like most of the people don't really bothered by that, and we don't think we can ignore it any longer, we're just different and can't share the same attitude.
We can't also forget the risks of criminal investigations against band members.
We feel love for all the people that supported us through these years. Thank you very much!
We'll definitely see each other again.
We're finishing working on a few projects that were planned before the war.
Hopefully, we put them out soon.